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Why Alpaca?

Alpacas are among the most adorable animals! They are fun to be around and have gentle dispositions, each with their own unique personality.


Alpaca fiber is phenomenal! It is harvested once a year at "shearing time" and processed into yarn and other fiber related products. Because alpaca fiber does not contain lanolin, processing it does not require harsh chemicals. The fiber is produced in 22 natural colors and due to it's porous nature, does not require large quantities of dye if an alternate color is desired. 


Alpaca fiber is smooth and many people with wool allergies or sensitivities find it much more tolerable and comfortable than sheep's wool, and not "scratchy".  The fiber is incredibly soft and very fine, and is a spinner's and knitter's dream when spun into yarn and turned into garments.  It has a natural elasticity or "memory" and a beautiful hand. It is as soft or softer than cashmere and proven warmer than wool. The porocity of the fiber creates an extra insulative value for a constant balance of temperature, making it extremely versatile. It's moisture wicking and light weight properties allow for wear in the coldest and warmest of climates.


Alpaca is a highly sought after fabric choice for high fashion apparel. It is frequently chosen to grace the runways of New York, Paris, and Milan.

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