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Adopt an Alpaca

View the slide show and see some of our alpacas waiting for you!

Caring for an alpaca encompasses both financial commitment and time devotion. At Bluebird Farm Alpacas, we treat our alpacas as cherished members of our family, ensuring they receive the finest nutrition through premium grain and hay. Yet, proper care goes beyond mere sustenance, encompassing shelter, veterinary attention, grooming, training, and everyday needs.


By participating in our alpaca adoption program, you directly contribute to the well-being and happiness of these majestic creatures. Proceeds from adoption support essentials such as food, shelter, veterinary care, and pasture upkeep, ensuring a lifetime of love and care for your adopted alpaca.

Explore our adoption packages, each offering tokens of gratitude, and choose the alpaca that resonates with you. Bluebird Farm Alpacas welcomes you to join our family and make a lasting difference in the lives of these remarkable animals.

Thank you so much!  It takes a special heart to Adopt an animal, and for that we are grateful.


And always remember, OPT TO ADOPT!

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