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Virtual Farm Tour - download film!

Virtual Farm Tour - download film!


Upon submitting payment, you will receive an email with a link enabling you to download a zipped file containing our 10-minute virtual farm tour of our alpacas before and after shearing. Great fun for a family evening at home or other gathering. You may replay the video as often as you like. At left is a short clip. *Please read download tips below.

  • Download Tips

    On your mobile device, clicking on the download link in your email may open up a window from your most recent browsing experience. Look for a small downward pointing arrow in the upper corner of that window. Click to see this ZIPPED file. Click on file and it will show you a thumbnail of the video. Click on video and view. Enjoy! On a desktop computer, zipped file will download to your designated download folder. This file should self-extract upon clicking.

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